Our Culture

The Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Company Limited

With our commitment to making all our business the caretaker of people’s health at any stage of life, we are delivering to the people greater access to better health. Not only in the time people are ill, we also help them maintain and enjoy good health now and every day.

We are driven by the T.H.O.N. value that influences our thinking and way we do things.

    Let everyone treasures their everyday living with efficient and high-standard healthcare services without discrimination on any particular group
    Keep our promise, be committed to transparency and stay true to our belief
    Search for new ways to improve people’s quality of life and opportunity for the business to constantly grow
    Focus on the services necessary to maintain good health to meet with people’s diverse demand


Pirayuk Vanasantipong

At THG, I learned that a hospital business is not limited to providing medical service when people are ill. It also covers providing advice on how to take good care of one’s health as well as physical and mental rehabilitation. This is for their better quality of life. This concept leads to many other related businesses that address diverse needs of Thai people.

The variety of business activities inspire me to keep thinking creatively and learning new things. THG opens opportunity for young people of my generation to show our full capability, to improve ourselves and to grow together with the company. My colleagues and supervisors do really care for me. They teach me to take care of people around me as if they were my own family. I am glad and very proud to be part of THG and to promote better health in Thai society.

Pirayuk Vanasantipong

Assistant Finance Director

Arthit Jaemsawang

Being a part of Thonburi Healthcare Group Pcl., I have discovered a totally new perception of the healthcare sector. People generally think of hospital when talking about healthcare industry. In fact, Thonburi Healthcare Group Pcl. has more to offer, but all with the same goal of taking care of people’s health and optimizing the country’s medical service capability. For example, we have hospital management software development business, rehabilitation center business, medical product and equipment distribution business, specialized medical service business, hospital management for local and public hospital, and even the Home Healthcare Service which is handled by Premiere Home Health Care Co., Ltd. which is established to provide holistic healthcare service at home for those who have difficulty travelling to the hospital. Working here, I have lots of new experiences. I am happy to learn new things, improve my capability and have access to opportunity to grow. More importantly, I feel warm. I feel at home when working with Thonburi Healthcare Group Pcl.

Arthit Jaemsawang

Director of Business Development | Premiere Home Health Care Co., Ltd.