THG the first private hospital entrusted by local administration organizations to provide management services for state hospitals that were keen to improve their management efficiency. THG has agreements to provide management for two hospitals under local administration organizations and one Community Medical Center as follows.

  • Pattaya City Hospital: with 110 registered and available beds, providing medical services in various fields, equipped with modern technology. The hospital is well accepted in international standard.
  • Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization Hospital: It has 129 registered beds and 125 available beds. Its aim is to provide medical services with high standard and good impression for patients.
  • Koh Lan International Medical Center: It is a medical center focusing on trauma and ER, providing service for emergency cases on coasts and general treatment for locals and tourists.

With efficient doctors and medical staff, administration and service, the hospitals can provide services at standards of private hospitals but at price of public ones. At the two hospitals, doctors and nurses are on hand around the clock for high-standard services.

Moreover, THG is also hired for consultancy, management and training services for overseas hospitals, especially in Southeast Asia.