Brand Values


Let everyone treasures their everyday living with efficient and high-standard healthcare services without discrimination on any particular group


Keep our promise, be committed to transparency and stay true to our belief


Search for new ways to improve people’s quality of life and opportunity for the business to constantly grow


Focus on the services necessary to maintain good health to meet with people’s diverse demand

Company Profile

Lifetime Health Guardian for all

The company operates private hospitals in Thailand, both in Bangkok and other parts of the country, through direct management and affiliated firms, as well as in joint ventures. THG is involved in five main facilities – two in Bangkok and three outside the capital. Download PDF File

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Message from the Chairman

My determination from the day the Thonburi Hospital was founded has never wavered. I have always wanted the Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Company Limited to be a great network of healthcare service providers with internationally accepted qualities and sophisticated innovations. I want the customers to have strong faith in us, and good services to be accessible to the majority of people.

Dr. Boon Vanasin, MD  Chairman
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For over 40 years

We have been providing healthcare with a commitment to sustain and upgrade quality, management and good services. We have also been continuously improving our human resources, aiming for the highest national and international goals. Innovations and new technologies have been embraced or developed, all for quicker, more precise services that our customers need.

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