DOO-DEE Thida-Saengthong Project

Rajyindee Hospital Pcl., which is one of the subsidiaries of Thonburi Healthcare Group Pcl., introduced the “Doo-Dee Thida-Saengthong Project” for health promotion in local communities. Each year, a certain number of schools is recruited to join the project. Then, participating schools will work together identify risk group or the teachers with health problems by providing health checkup service to screen the risk group. After that the health checkup result will be reported to the teachers and the school management. Teachers interested in joining the program and sign up to participate in the “Doo Dee Thida-Saengthong” project in which they will attend training programs conducted by doctors and nutritionists, the Diabetes and Thyroid Clinic and the hospital coaches. The aim of such program is to change people’s eating habit, exercise and emotion management. After the training, participants will be regularly reminded of desired behaviors through the Line chat. The hospital’s coaching team will regularly provide health information to keep the participants alerted and committed to their health goals throughout the 3 month project period. At the end of three months, members will have a blood test and the results will be analyzed before the project is closed.