THG established its presence in Myanmar’s private hospital industry after experiencing growing demand for healthcare services from the market. It detailed the capacity of Ar Yu International Hospital, a Yangon-based hospital that was officially inaugurated in March as an alternative for Myanmar people and Myanmar-based expatriates to travelling to and receiving healthcare services in Thailand. It seeks to become a leading operator of international hospitals in the Myanmar and model future investments.

TANATIP SUPPRADIT, MD., VICE CHAIRMAN OF THONBURI HEALTHCARE GROUP PCL, OR THG, revealed that after seeing an excellent opportunity from the demand for healthcare services that is growing in tandem with the regional economy. THG has adopted the policy to enhance its presence in the private hospital markets in the ASEAN region through collaborations with partners with the local knowledge and experience.

He added that THG has expanded its presence in Myanmar’s private hospital industry through the launch of Ar Yu International Hospital, a Yangon-based hospital built by ARYU International Health Care Company Limited, a joint-venture firm set up jointly with local partners. The hospital is 40%-owned by THG, 50%-owned by Ga Mone Pwint Company Limited (or GMP, a major local operator of retail and real estate businesses) and 10%-owned by Aryu Ananta Medical Services Company Limited. It is staffed with local medical workers to ensure a stable supply of medical personnel. The project is worth a total of USD 75 million (about THB 2 billion), noted he.

“Presently Thailand is the most popular destination for health checkups and other healthcare services among well-off Myanmar people thanks to trust in Thai medical service standard. Recognising the high growth potential as shown by strong demand, we decided to invest to build and operate a hospital in Myanmar in order to provide the healthcare services with international standard to both local patients and expatriates, which will save the time and cost associated with the need to travel to Thailand. Since the first day of operation, Ar Yu is well-accepted and trusted by patients because of our experienced medical team and modern equipment”, said he.

He commented that Ar Yu International Hospital, which has become officially fully operational since March, is equipped with 200 beds, eight operating theatres and 142 inpatient rooms and serves both outpatients and inpatients. Already a major international hospital in Yangon, it is projected to become the top-ranked international hospital in Myanmar.

The hospital currently employs about 120 physicians and maintains a variety of specialist centres, e.g. Heart (Cardiac) Centre, Endoscopic clinic (GI), Children's (Pediatrics) Clinic, Ear Nose and Throat Clinic, Emergency Department, Hemodialysis Department, Orthopedic Clinic, as well as a Wellness centre that offers a comprehensive range of physical checkup solutions using modern equipment.

The hospital is the first private hospital in Myanmar to be co-invested and operated by the management of a hospital from Thailand. It is visited by executives and has plan for physicians from Thailand, who perform on-site diagnoses and treatment in accordance with international standards. It is supplied with such state-of-the-art medical technologies as CT Scan, MRI or ultrasound, which are used to diagnose and treat complicated diseases. It serves 130 patients per day on average, and the figure is expected to jump to 300 by this yearend.