In the year 2021, THG faced a business challenge from the Covid-19 Delta variant outbreak. On 9 April 2021, THG was granted a license from the Ministry of Public Health to provide services only to infected patients, which was a pilot hospitel project in Thailand, with prompt cooperation from the Accor hotel group and THG gradually opened over ten thousand beds nationwide (including network companies).

Dr. Boon Vanasin


At that time, many patients were unvaccinated and were severely ill, hospitals were unable to accommodate the critically ill patients. THG had cooperated with government agencies and hospitals under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to open 3 field ICUs, namely Thonburi Field Hospital - 11th Military Circle, Thonburi Field Hospital- Ratchapipat, and Thonburi Field Hospital - Bang Khun Thian Geriatric Hospital with investments in equipment and renovation costs of over 300 million baht (excluding personnel compensation). There are more than 300 beds for critically ill patients to serve referred patients from public and private hospitals throughout Bangkok and its vicinity without any cost to the patients. Such hospitals have the same standards and provide medical services similar to private hospitals. I emphasized from the beginning that profit-loss should not be focused. It is important to think of the patients’ lives first.

The key to reducing severe illness and mortality is testing and vaccination. THG offers testing for those at high risk. During high record of Covid cases, many places were closed, but THG insisted on providing testing and treatments. Although there were some problems with delayed results, people could still depend on THG during the time of panic. THG provides vaccination services for people both inside and outside the hospital by collaborating with government and private agencies in opening vaccination centers outside the hospital. I support bringing high quality vaccines for all Thai people and have ordered about 1million doses of Moderna vaccine from the Government Pharmaceutical Organization. People nationwide has given trust and made bookings for the vaccine.

In 2021, we were ranked World Best Hospital 2021 by Newsweek, moving the ranking from 7th to 5th, which reflects the continuous development of THG.In 2022, we are presented with new challenges of the Omicron variant outbreak. The government tends to declare the Covid-19 as endemic disease. This may result in patients having to return to their assigned hospitals for treatments, and patients who can afford the services can choose to stay for treatments at their own expenses. But no matter what kind of challenges we face, we will work together to take care of the health of Thai people. I express my gratitude to the management and medical personnel for working together to overcome this obstacle, and I thank you the shareholders for having given trust and taking pride in our performance of duties at the best capabilities.

Revenue from consolidated financial statements
% change

Year 2020 Baht 7,315 million

Year 2021 Baht 10,847 million

Net profit from consolidated financial statements
% change

Year 2020 Baht 23 million

Year 2021 Baht 1,357 million