Family plays an important role in individual’s good health. Emphasizing the importance of healthcare to family members in every stage of life will encourage good physical development, reduce risk of health issues, and increase longevity.

Dr. Boon Vanasin


In the year 2018, the management and employees of THG had devoted themselves to manage mega-project investments that serve the needs of all family members, namely Jin Wellbeing County Project and Thonburi Health Village Project. The projects offer integration of medical innovations for seniors, including medical services, rehabilitation, healthcare, and senior home care. They are designed to provide comfort, and equipped with facilities, for seniors. In addition, family members can enjoy living with seniors. Jin Wellbeing County Project is the Company’s first project and it has been opened for residence and services since December 2018.

In addition, the Company invested in Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital, a specialized health care center providing 6-star personalized care, targeting medical tourism customers and families with varied requirements. The hospital consists of various innovation centers such as Digital Dental Center, Thonburi Diabetic Wound Care, IVF Center, and Child Development Center. It was granted a hospital license to operate in December 2018 and had its opening in January 2019.

In respect of investment in medical services overseas, Ar Yu International Hospital, located in Yangon, Myanmar, opened its OPD service in September 2018 and was granted license for overnight care in February 2019. It is considered the first Thai hospital to open full services in Myanmar and the hospital has been well received by customers.

The operating performance of the year 2018, revenues of THG has increased from medical services, healthcare solutions provider and other businesses. It is due to investment in the big project as mentioned above which will gradually recognize revenue in the year 2019, resulting in a decrease in net profit of the year 2018 as follows:

I thank you all shareholders for having confidence in vision and mission of THG to protect your and your family members’ happiness in every stage of life.

Total revenues
% growth

Year 2017 Baht 6,612 million

Year 2018 Baht 7,094 million

Net profits
% growth

Year 2017 Baht 554 million

Year 2018 Baht 348 million