Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Company has formulated the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy as a practice guideline for its responsible operations. The policy was approved by the Board of Directors
at its meeting 1/2016 dated 21 March 2016.

With a strong commitment to be a good role model for the society, the company intends to operate its business by adhering to the good corporate governance principles and with corporate social responsibility. The company grows its business in parallel with promotion of sustainable development in order to created added-value to the society and all stakeholders, namely shareholders, investors, employees, customers, business partners and related organizations. The company gives high importance to socially, economic and environmentally responsible as well as ethical business operations to supporting social activities that will bring long-term benefits to the local communities and the general public. With such practices, the company hopes to see harmonious living between the business sector and the communities and the society. This will enable the entire society to move forward together and finally achieve sustainable growth. The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy covers both in-process and after-process business operations.