Group of companies’ structure

The Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Company Limited (THG) operates private hospitals in Thailand, both in Bangkok and other parts of the country, through direct management, affiliated firms and joint ventures. The business covers five main facilities -- two in Bangkok and three outside the capital city. It provides general and specialized medical services by a group of highly experienced practitioners who have regularly attended trainings on new knowledge and technologies and with modern equipment. THG has received hospital accreditation (HA) from the Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization), certifying that all its hospitals have efficient operations and management, quality and safety.

1. Part of Phatara Hospital’s shares was sold and is considered other investment.
2. Ameditec Corporation Co., Ltd. was merged with Dental Siam Co., Ltd.
3. Weihai Thonburi Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between the company (holding 58% of the joint venture’s registered capital) and WEGO Holding Co., Ltd. (42%)